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Progress On Guaifenesin Protocol (seeing Dr. St. Amand)

Hey! So this last Wednesday I went to see Dr. St. Amand to get remapped. Lately I have been having bad migraines but other than that, have been getting better. Well, my map revealed why. Apparently when you first start blocking, the first redeposit place is the neck area and I have a couple new lumps. These explain the migraines. The only thing that I can think of is the blue dye in Powerade zero I’ve been drinking. I’m cutting that out and replacing it with coconut water. I’m also upping my dose to 600mg 2x a day instead of 600mg in morning and 300mg in the afternoon and night. I’m getting better everywhere else which is good. It’s always interesting to see where your spots are and compare where you feel pain. Hopefully my neck clears soon because I’m tired of these constant migraines that I’ve had since about November. Looking forward to clearing and getting back on track!